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Education Technology
EdTech Magazine:
How Wearables and Virtual Reality are Finding a Place in the Classroom
Which IoT Devices Will Become Indispensable?
How Will the Internet of Things Impact Education?
Education Dive:
From NCLB to ESSA: Moving Toward Student-Centered Assessments
The Top 5 Trends in K-12 Ed Tech – And Where They're Headed
How Do You Choose an Open Educational Resource?
These Strategies are Driving K-3 Literacy Efforts
4 Best Practices for Implementing State Longitudinal Data Systems
6 Ways Districts Can Promote Data Interoperability
EdSurge HigherEd:
Blockchain in the Library? Researchers Explore Potential Applications
In Times of Uncertainty for Undocumented Students, One Tuition-Free Online University Sees Surge
How U of Michigan Built Automated Essay-Scoring Software to Fill "Feedback Gap" for Student Writing
Will "Publish or Perish" Become "Clicks or Canned"?
Face to Face: Using Videoconferencing to Create a Shared Virtual Space for Students
iPads Did Not Revolutionize Campus Teaching (But a Few Colleges Give Every Student One)
George Siemens Asks: Can Mixing Automation and a Human Touch Keep Students 'On Task'?
Khan Academy Has Inspired Imitations Across Disciplines. MEDSKL is the Latest.
University Business Magazine:
Quick, Click: Student Response Systems Evolve in Higher Ed
Are App-Based Systems a Distraction in College Classrooms?
Under the Hood of Higher Ed Student Information Systems
What Should a College or University Consider When Looking For a New SIS?
District Administration Magazine:
Tech Recycling or Refurbishing? Schools Must Decide on Devices
How Universities are Using Wearable Technology Today for Instruction
Put it to the Test: Best Practices for Vetting New Technology
Aiming for Interoperability: Making BYOD Work
A Strategic Approach to Higher Ed Tech
Internet of Things (IoT) (Sponsored by Intel):
7 Can't-Miss Events at Dell Technologies World 2019
Trouble-Free Collaboration with Zero-Touch Deployment
9 IoT Innovations at Cisco Live 2019
IIoT Breaks the Legacy Language Barrier
Digital Signage Keeps L.A. Metro on Track
Interactive Video Displays Power an Agile Workforce
Oracle / Intel:
Infographic: Four Ways Creates a Big Picture in Healthcare
DC Panel Talks About Big Data, Analytics and the Future of Personalized Medicine
Whitepaper: How to Leverage Smart Meter Opportunities with Future-Proof Designs
Case study: Vitesy IoT-Enabled Air Purifier
Case study: Comsel Smart Metering with NB-IoT
Case study: MetaSail – High Seas Meet High Accuracy
Case study: EyeSeal – Eyes on the Global Shipping Industry
How Can Enterprises Expect to Bridge the Billion-Device Gap?
5 Essential Steps to Secure Enterprise IoT Deployments
How Telit OneEdge Solves Common Cellular IoT Challenges
How New Technology is Driving the Next Generation of Enterprise LPWA Networks
The First Mile of IoT
3 Questions to Ask Before Designing a FirstNet Compatible Device
The Internet of Life-Saving Things: First Responder Network Solutions with IoT
Embedded Modules vs. Standard Data Cards: Which is Right for Your First Responder Network Application?
First Responder Devices and Ruggedness Go Hand in Hand
How Remote Device Management Helps First Responders
5 Questions to Ask Your First Responder Solutions Provider
First Responder Device Design for Police: What You Need to Know
IoT Devices for EMS: What First Responders Need to Know
IoT Devices for Firefighters: Key Certifications and Features
4 Design Factors to Consider for Future-Proof First Responder Products
How Cellular Connected Drones Can Improve Emergency Response
How are First Responder Devices Built? The Tech Inside the Tools
What is an eSIM and How Is It Used?
What's an ICCID Number and Why Does It Matter For Cellular IoT?
What's an APN?
Who Owns IoT Connectivity?
What is an IMEI and a TAC?
The Role of Big Data in Healthcare
What is the Relationship Between IoT and Big Data?
How Do Cloud Computing and IoT Work Together?
eSIM vs. SIM Card: What's the Difference?
The Future of eSIM
What is eSIM Technology?
What Makes for a Good IoT SIM Card Vendor?
What Are IoT SIM Cards?
How Do SIM Cards for IoT Work?
FedTech Magazine: 
Third Platform Presents Endless Possibilities
Fog Computing Brings Connectivity and Analytics to Network's Edge
Will Quantum Computing Help Government Agencies Improve Cybersecurity?
Which IoT Devices Will Become Indispensable?
Cisco Meraki:
Whitepaper: 5 Cybersecurity Safeguards You Should Implement Right Now

Higher Education Marketing

Tennessee Alumnus:

Fifty Years in Martin

As primary copywriter for Haslam Magazine (formerly Tennessee Archways), I write the main features and profiles and most of the secondary features in each issue.

Haslam Magazine:

Summer 2019 Issue

Winter 2018–2019 Issue

Summer 2018 Issue

Winter 2017–2018 Issue

Summer 2017 Issue

Winter 2016–2017 Issue

Summer 2016 Issue

Winter 2015–2016 Issue

Summer 2015 Issue

Walden University:

What Is Positive Psychology?

What Can I Do With a PhD in Health Services Degree?

Can HIV Be Eliminated?

6 Health Impacts of Natural Disasters

Government Technology/Avenu Insights:
Digital Transformation: Making Paper a Thing of the Past
Discovery & Recovery: Helping Local Governments Find Uncollected Revenue
Case study: Stash Tea
5 Ways to Avoid Selling CRaP
Department of Business Analytics & Statistics, Haslam College of Business:
Student Spotlight: Ryan Eberle
Student Spotlight: Kieran Kepler
Faculty Spotlight: Chung Eun Lee
Faculty Spotlight: Adam Petrie
Alumni Spotlight: Adam Spannbauer
MSBA Student Profiles
Why Explicit Responses Aren't Enough in Today's Research
How Real Digital Engagement Captures Robust Behavior Data in a Survey
Making the Most of the 5-Minute Survey Window
Trade Journals
The College Store Magazine:
Making the Most of Commencement

Tourist Attractions & Parks:

Family Entertainment Center Operational Tips: The Redemption Toy & Prize Picture

Clowns, Zombies and Classic Scares – The Hottest Halloween Characters for 2015

Waterpark Attraction Trends that Made a Splash in 2015

Keeping Up With the Current: Best Practices for Waterpark Maintenance and Safety


Hertz Travel Blog:
4 Interactive Ways to Entertain Kids in the Car
Freedom on the Autobahn: The Best Southern German Pit Stops for Your Downtime
Vienna, Austria: What to See During a Short Visit

A Family-Friendly Community in Chicago’s Southland

McAlester, OK Has Fun in Store for Families


Tennessee Home & Farm:

High Steaks at Junkyard Dog Steakhouse

The Perfect Cure at Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams

Papa KayJoe's Bar-B-Que Goes Family Style


Sea Island Life:

A Culinary Progression

By the Light of the Moon


North Carolina Field & Family: 

Nuggets of History at Reed Gold Mine

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