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"I have had the privilege of collaborating with Jessica for more than five years. Her exceptional attention to detail and proficiency in comprehending complex topics with an expert voice are unmatched. She is an indispensable asset to our team and a genuine partner in our endeavors. I don't know what I would do without her!"
Lindsay Kelley, VP Marketing, 4M Analytics

"I've had the distinct pleasure of engaging Jessica as one of my main writers over the past 2 ½ years. In fact, when I changed companies and was tasked with building out a team of go-to freelance content creators, Jessica was top of my list to reach out to. Her ability to distill complex topics into easy-to-read pieces, her quick grasp of tech topics, and her team-player energy make her an easy choice for any writing project you need."
 —Kelli Harris, Director of Content Marketing, Integrate

"Jessica is an absolute delight to work with. Our publication covers technical topics for a nontechnical audience and Jessica handles this challenge with ease. She is a terrific writer—effectively capturing the essential elements of the subject's i
nnovations and solutions. The articles she develops align well with our editorial style and guidelines. With her professionalism, talent, creativity, and attention to detail, Jessica makes my job much easier. Who could ask for more?"
Georganne Benesch, Associate Content Director, IMP-SF

"The breadth of topics to cover at a college can be daunting. But I can turn—with confidence—to Jessica for compelling articles on everything from faculty research to administrative initiatives."
Mark Walden, Senior Director, Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Office of University Communications and Events, Colgate University

"Jessica is a highly efficient and reliable freelance writer. Every article has come in on-spec and on-time. As an editor, it's always an extra perk for a writer to be versatile and be able to pitch ideas—Jessica does both. No matter the topic I've thrown her way—from entertainment, home décor to history—she's stepped up ready for the challenge, and with ideas in hand. A true pleasure to work with!"
Malena Jaime, Editor, Engaged Media Inc.

 "Jessica has freelanced for two of our publications. Her articles were thorough and well-written with excellent quotes that really capture the subjects. She meets deadlines and is quick to respond with followup questions. She has earned a position on the top tier of our freelance writer list."
Jessy Yancey, Editor, Journal Communications Inc.


"Jessica is a great writer with a knack for finding that creative, interesting angle that might not be obvious upon assignment. She has awesome interview skills and has been nothing but professional with the work she's done in Sea Island Life magazine."
Linda Domingo, Group Editor, Firebrand Media

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